Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Places You'll Go...

For those of you who are unable to get away this summer due to financial reasons, or because you’re stuck working or in a classroom… I present to you the next best thing. Grab a copy of Alice Steinbach’s Without Reservations, as well as your drink of choice (whether it be a decadent cappuccino or something fruity with an umbrella in it), throw on some sunglasses and/or a cute floppy hat, and lounge out for what will undoubtedly be a truly enjoyable and thoroughly indulgent read. With a writing style that is effortlessly breezy and familiar, Steinbach pulls you into her story like a girlfriend you’ve known for years, intimately reminiscing about the discoveries she made during her travels. Reflecting on the moments of clarity, the memorable encounters, and the unforgettable sights that can only be found abroad, Steinbach pulls you deeper and deeper into her journey to some of Europe’s most glamorous and intriguing cities. She shares funny anecdotes, sweet rendezvous with eccentric strangers, and her innermost desires: from wanting to get in touch with her inner daredevil, who craves spur of the moment adventures and explorations, to her interest in picking up ballroom dancing. Immerse yourself shamelessly in this brilliant little memoir, starting out in France and making your way to England before wrapping your European adventure up in Italy. Allow yourself to get lost in each city, with Steinbach acting as both your tour guide and trusty companion. An easy read, I am positive you will soon be turning to this book every time you crave that escape from reality. And, in addition to providing you with that beautiful escape, this book will inspire you and prompt you to open up your own mind and heart to the endless possibilities that are out there, if only we are willing and able to take a moment out of our hectic schedules and just… breathe. And observe. And listen. And play. And learn. And laugh.

So, open up to the first page and let your mind wander to Europe… no packing, no pricey (and unbearably long) flights, no jetlag. Just you and Alice Steinbach, discovering the gems and wonders each stunning city has to offer. And be sure to come back here and let me know what you think once you’ve finished reading! Also do not hesitate to leave me your favorite travel memoirs… I love adding book recommendations to my ever growing to-read list.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

You've convinced me; I am TOTES buying this book - it sounds phenom!

Loving the blog. I'm following now on Google Friend Connect!! :)