Friday, August 13, 2010

For the Love of James

Yesterday morning, as I was having my coffee, I happened to stumble upon the September cover of Esquire magazine online. And who should be right there, staring back at me, but the incredibly handsome James Franco? It's no secret that he happens to be one of my favorite actors, since I first saw him in an old film called Whatever It Takes. Since then, I have seen his fun, eccentric pieces like Freaks & Geeks and The Ape (a quirky film that was written and directed by Franco himself) and his bigger hits like Spider Man and Pineapple Express (I actually attended the premiere for the latter in Los Angeles... saw him in the lobby, and I have to say he is just as good looking in person). The man is a chameleon, going from portraying the brooding and mysterious James Dean to a lovable stoner who goes through the duration of an entire film in pajamas. And, to top it all off, he's a scholar, too -- recently graduated from UCLA only to head straight to Columbia and NYU. Sigh. Ok, ok, on to the good stuff... I present to you, a couple of my favorite photos from the Esquire spread.

I have yet to see the actual issue itself; from what I saw online, the feature was actually done in an interesting way, putting Franco under the microscope through five different perspectives. The profile takes on different art forms: poetry, narrative, and video are all included in the online version of the spread.

So, do tell... what do YOU think of Mr. Franco?

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nookie said...

damn, damn, damn!
that's what I think about him;;)

Couture Carrie said...

He is soooooo gorgeous!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'll be honest, I kind of fell in love with him when he was in "Whatever It Takes," and my fondness has only grown since then. Did you know that he wrote a book of short stories which is going to be published in October? So excited!! :)

julianne. said...

ohhh he is soooo sexxy.<3
i just watched tristen and isolde last night.
llllove himm.<333

Anouk J said...

He is HOT, wish there were more guys like him..

TristanEmma said...

Did you see my post from a while back where I said I met him?? I went to the Palm Springs film festival and saw 3 of his short films as well as a Q&A after. He is beyond insightful. Oh and you can add Yale to that list. He'll be starting there soon!
So sweet and incredibly gorgeous.