Friday, September 10, 2010

L'amour et la Ville: Geneva

When thinking about what to write about on here next, I realized it's been a while since I've done a city guide. And I instantly knew which city I wanted to feature next: Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva was seriously so heavenly and peaceful for me... I loved it! Here are the things/places to check out while there...

 1. The Lake: I think this pretty much goes without saying, the lake is more or less the "main attraction", and it's SO gorgeous and hard to miss! All along the lake you can find little places to have anything from coffee, ice cream, or lunch. We bought iced lattes and crepes from a cute little stand and had it while looking out onto the sparkling blue water. Perfection! For those who want to spend even more time at the water, you can take a cruise on the lake or even go for a swim!

2. Old Town: Stroll through Geneva's Old Town, characterized by small, quaint cobble stone streets and beautiful old buildings. Here you'll find shops and boutiques, and the beautiful St. Peter's Cathedral. Do some exploring! You just might end up at the Maison Travel, which is the oldest house-turned-museum in Geneva. Walk a bit more and you'll end up in the shopping district with larger and more well known stores.

3. The United Nations Building: Possibly the most notable building in all of Geneva, Europe's UN headquarters. I've heard that tours are offered there for those interested, though sadly we didn't have enough time to actually go inside so I don't really have much more information about it. 
And that's just based on my personal experience... I'm sure there are lots of hidden gems that I may have missed, and I do wish I had spent more time in this beautiful city. While it may seem like there's not a whole lot to see or do in Geneva, it's honestly one of the best places to just get away and relax without a care in the world... absolutely one of my favorite cities!

Has anyone else been? What are your thoughts? xo


Ginger said...

Geneva is on my must see list. I don't know how I've managed to avoid it but it might have something to do with my dad constantly telling me it's where I'll end up living if I stay in Europe. I'll probably be heading there in November or December though!!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

it looks gorgeous!

Isabel said...

i would love to go to geneva!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've never been to Geneva myself; but your description of cobblestone pathways is enough to make me want to hop a plane there right now! :)